Sunday, February 7, 2016

Anonymous 5

I've lived in Kosciusko my whole life. The population is fairly conservative but I have noticed a rise in the number of people that are more open to positive changes and acceptance of differences in others. Kosciusko does have community members that are LGBT but I wouldn't say they have a strong LGBT community. Most people I know who are LGBT want to get out of Kosciusko in hopes to find better LGBT community elsewhere.

In middle school, all the girls were obsessed with boys and I never understood. I was just like yeah, big whoop. Never was physically attracted to guys. Thought maybe something was broken in me. Freshman year of high school, with hormones and all that shit, I started dating a guy not because I was attracted to him but because he liked me and I wanted to fill my need of being loved by someone. But it never felt right. Then I realized I was more attracted to my best friend than I was to my boyfriend.

I am definitely "in the closet" in my home life. I was raised in the church and my family carries strong beliefs. I am extremely open with my friends and colleagues. I have, however, lied to people countless times about my sexuality. I try not to get involved in public affairs because I still live with my parents and am afraid they will not be accepting of my "lifestyle and choices." I quite often hear my mom go on and on about how the gays are ruining America and how it's a shame that so many of my siblings' high school classmates are "coming out so confidently." I have heard many a douche bag use degrading slangs and phrases towards myself and others. I currently have at least one person, that I know of only because they told me, trying to "pray the gay away" out of me.

Because of the place I am in life right now, I've just chosen to stay single and not look for a relationship. (The college I go to is a private Christian school. [yes, I'm one of those gay Christians]) I don't necessarily try to hide my differences. I don't feel like I'm much different than others. I just am attracted to women. I came out to closest friends and then to my colleagues. They have been my greatest supporters. It feels so freeing to just be myself. I hope to one day come out entirely.

20-ish. Lesbian/bisexual woman/female. White. Working class. Grew up here.

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